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Organic PDO Feta cheese - 3x150g

Organic PDO Feta cheese - 3x150g


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Product Description

Experience authentic Greek cuisine with Organic PDO Feta Cheese: made with 100% organic ingredients and Protected Designation of Origin, it offers an unrivaled flavor. Perfect for salads or raw, you can now get a taste of Greece with our 3x150g offer.

Nutritional Components


  • Feta cheese from sheep's milk of Epirus Region, pasteurized organic sheep milk (100%), Rennet, Salt, Lactic Acid
  • Fat in dry matter: >43, Moisture: <56
  • Storage temperature: +2°C

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy 1169kJ/282kcal - Fat 23.5g - from which saturated 17.1g -Carbohydrates 1.7g - from which sugars 0.3g - Proteins 15.9g - Salt 1.8g


  • 3x150g
  • Approx. total 700g

Useful Information

This premium feta has a light salty, sourish flavour and a natural white color. It can be characterized as a "biological product" because it is made from the milk of animals which are fed free grazing where pesticides and other pollutants are non existent. The animals are fed and raised in the natural fields of Epirus, where the climate is humid, and the winters are cold. These conditions favor the development of agriculture, especially herding sheep, horses, and goats.

Karalis Feta has won many awards throughout the years, making it one of the most experienced producers of cheese in Greece. This feta in particular is easy to consume with many delicious dishes, like gemista, lahanodolmades and traditional kouloura.

  • Organic
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Organic PDO Feta cheese - 3x150g
€17,55 EUR

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