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Organic thyme from Naxos - 30g

Organic thyme from Naxos - 30g

Organic Islands

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Product Description

  • Thyme is one of the oldest aromatic plants of the Mediterranean, the ancient Greeks were aware of its virtues and applications both in cosmetics and in traditional cooking. 
  • Thyme is known for its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties; in ancient Greece it was also used as a natural remedy against infections.
  • In the kitchen, thyme is used in many traditional recipes, ancient dishes that combine health and taste for the human body. 
  • The Organic Island Thyme is produced on the island of Naxos, in the Aegean Sea, and comes from 100% organic and natural crops.

Nutritional Components

100% Organic Thyme

Useful Information

  • The micro-climate of the Cyclades is the secret of the plants and the herbs produced by Organic Island.
  • The dry summer heat is mitigated by the sea breeze, that brings cool air and iodine from the sea. The winter is never particularly aggressive, in that way lengthening the productive period. 
  • On the island of Naxos thyme grows almost anywhere, in Chora as well as along roadsides. However, the Organic Island production area is located in a rather secluded part of the island, away from any source of pollution.
  • The perfectly sealed packaging preserves the aroma, the taste and the beneficial properties.
  •  Everything is studied to the smallest detail to bring at your place exactly the same product used in the restaurants on the island.

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