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Platter of 5 Graviera Cheeses from Crete - 5x200g

Platter of 5 Graviera Cheeses from Crete - 5x200g

Kriton Paradosi

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Product Description

Discover the full flavor of Cretan Cheese with this bundle of 5 authentic Graviera cheeses. Save money while exploring the unique flavor combinations of smoked, 3 peppers, spicy, oregano, and thyme Graviera varieties, perfect for a cheese and wine night or as an appetizer on a dining table. The ideal choice for those who wants to enjoy all the best Cretan Graviera varieties!

Nutritional Components


  • 1x Cretan Smoked Graviera - 200g
  • 1x Cretan Graviera with 3 peppers - 200g
  • 1x Cretan Spicy Graviera - 200g
  • 1x Cretan Graviera with Oregano - 200g
  • 1x Cretan Graviera with Thyme - 200g


  • 4x490g
  • Approx. total 2kg

Useful Information

Graviera cheese is one of the most popular types of cheese consumed in Greece, right after feta. It plays a crucial part in Cretan Cuisine, along with the island's greens and herbs, the extra virgin olive oil, the excellent local honey and the delicious wine. Choosing this diet, is one of the healthiest choices one can make.

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