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Premium Barrel Feta Arcadia PDO - 370g

Premium Barrel Feta Arcadia PDO - 370g


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Product Description

Lose yourself in the authentic taste of Greek Cheese with our Premium Barrel Feta from stunning Tripoli, Arcadia. Rich in nutrients, our vacuumed 370g block is an essential addition to any Mediterranean dish. This feta is exclusively made in the Greek mountains of the Peloponnese and it is PDO certified.

Nutritional Components


  • 100% pasteurized sheep and goat milk
  • Minimum dry fat 43% maximum humidity 56%
  • Storage temperature: 2° C to 4° C

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy: 2901 kJ / 1218 kcal - Fat 24g - from which saturated 18g - Carbohydrates 1.5g - from which sugars 0g - Proteins 15g - Salt 2g


  • Approx. 600g

Useful Information

Feta PDO is the most famous traditional Greek cheese and it dates back to the Homeric years. This original white cheese is ripening and kept in brine for at least two months. Although Feta PDO is made in every corner of Greece, there are some mountainous, like in Tripoli Arcadia, that are more renowned for giving a more refined and natural kick to the final product.

Nestled in the heart of the Peloponnese, at the foot of Mount Mainalo, the goats and sheep roam freely and eat fresh flora daily. Their milk, after contact with the wooden barrels, shape into the form of a premium feta. It has a pure white color, a light spicy taste and a fresh aroma, features of the wooden ripening. With its compact structure, low acidity levels and aftertaste that lasts, it compliments a diverse number of dishes in the most balanced way.

  • Sugar Free
  • PDO
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Premium Barrel Feta Arcadia PDO - 370g
€14,55 EUR

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