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Roots DIVINO Bianco - 700ml

Roots DIVINO Bianco - 700ml

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Roots DIVINO Bianco is a 700ml non-alcoholic aperitif from Greece, blending classic herbal remedies like rosemary, thyme and wormwood. The perfect addition to a non-alcoholic spritz, it has a fresh and sour flavor and can be enjoyed on the rocks with tonic and a lemon slice. Going back to the roots of ancient Greece, the drink is also referred to as absinthe wine, vinum absinthium or modern-day vermouth.

Nutritional Components

Useful Information

Ingredients: Water, Invert sugar syrup, Non-alcoholic fermented grape juice concentrate 6,76%, natural wormwood distillate, oregano extract, thyme extract, natural flavouring, acidifier: citric acid, Preservatives: sodium benzotate, potassium sorbate.
Nutrition Facts (per 50ml): Total Fat 0g - Sodium 0mg - Total Carbohydrate 7g - Dietary fiber 0% - Total Sugars 7g - Protein 0g - Vitamin D 0g - Calcium 0g - Iron 0g - Potassium 0g.
Vol: 0%
Quantity: 700ml

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