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Roots DIVINO Rosso - 700ml

Roots DIVINO Rosso - 700ml

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Roots DIVINO Rosso is a must-have for non-alcoholic drinkers. A classic vermouth made with wine "di vino", it offers a unique, divine flavor with notes of bitter orange, gentian, and wormwood. Its label symbolizes the timelessness of the APERITIF ROSSO HISTORY, dating back over 400 years. Pour it over ice with tonic and an orange slice for a perfect non-alcoholic spritz.

Nutritional Components

Useful Information

Ingredients: Water, Invert sugar syrup, Non-alcoholic fermented grape juice concentrate 15,4%, natural wormwood distillate, oregano extract, thyme extract, sulphite ammonia caramel, colour from carrot, juice concentrate acidifier: citric acid, Preservatives: sodium benzotate, potassium sorbate, caramel sugar syrup.
Nutrition Facts (per 50ml): Total Fat 0g - Sodium 0mg - Total Carbohydrate 6g - Dietary fiber 0% - Total Sugars 6g - Protein 0g - Vitamin D 0g - Calcium 0g - Iron 0g - Potassium 0g.
Vol: 0%
Quantity: 700ml

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