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Shine & Revitalizing Hair Mask - 20ml

Shine & Revitalizing Hair Mask - 20ml


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Product Description

Mask for the recovery of shine, vividness and elasticity of dull and lifeless hair, without adding weight.

97% natural origin with orange

Shine ̶ Vitality ̶ Strength ̶ Moisturizing & Protection ̶ Nourishment in-depth ̶ Damage repair

Nutritional Components

* Orange, lemon and grapefruit* essential oils
* 5 vitamins
* Thyme honey
* Olive* oil
* Antioxidant Sideritis* extract
* Plukenetia Volubilis seed oil
* Propolis
* Nettle*
* Aloe*
* Amino acids
* Rosemary infusion*

* From certified organic cultivation

Useful Information

Benefits: Apivita Shiny & Revitalizing Hair Mask has the following results:

  • Intensive care that restores natural hair shine and vividness thanks to revitalizing orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils and 5 vitamins.
  • Moisturizes, reconstructs, nourishes hair in-depth providing exceptional softness thanks to thyme honey and organic olive oil.
  • Protects hair from external effects (styling, hairdryer, pollution etc) thanks to the APISHIELD HS complex and the antioxidant sideritis extract.
  • Plukenetia Volubilis seed oil provides extra protection to dry ends.



Suitable for homeopathy

Quantity: 20ml

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Shine & Revitalizing Hair Mask - 20ml
Shine & Revitalizing Hair Mask - 20ml
€3,22 EUR

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