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Traditional Kataifaki - approx. 800g

Traditional Kataifaki - approx. 800g

Greek Flavours

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Enjoy Traditional Kataifi, a Greek dessert made with layered, flaky pastry wrapped around a filling of walnuts and coated in melted butter. Baked with syrup for added sweetness, today's 800g savings pack offers a convenient way to savor this beloved pastry classic. Perfect for topping with Kaimaki ice cream or for pairing with Greek coffee.

Useful Information

Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, water, salt, wheat starch, milk butter, yeast, dextrose, emulsifier, soy lecithin, cinnamon, almond, peanuts, flavourings. Quantity: approx 800g

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Traditional Kataifaki - approx. 800g
€19,90 EUR

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