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Volkan Santorini black beer - 330ml

Volkan Santorini black beer - 330ml

Volkan Brewery

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Product Description

Volkan Santorini Black is a light black wheat lager, inspired by the black cliffs of Santorini. The flavour is light, crisp and fresh in contrast to its deep color. It is a beer made with the Volkan brewery's signature process of brewing, with Santorini honey and citrus. It is a very rich bodied beer with intense aromas and impressive appearance. It's the perfect beer to serve to your friends and family and they will be impressed for sure! It is a great pairing with meat, fish but also desserts.

Nutritional Components

Water, Malt Barley, Minced Wheat, Hop, Yeast, Mixture of Santorini Fragrant Honey and Citrus Medica

Useful Information

Taste and appearance: Lightly roasted rye and light honey. Next, dried black olives in the sun, a touch of dark chocolate, licorice, a tasty and persistent palette. Head full of dark chocolate, lighter and cleaner than a stout.

Service: Drink in a wide open glass, enjoy the full aroma, ideal combination with food or after dessert. Ideal at 5 or 6 degrees.

Alcohol: 5% vol

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