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Votanikon gin - 700ml

Votanikon gin - 700ml


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Product Description

Crafted from 20 carefully selected botanicals, Votanikon Gin is an innovative Greek gin like no other. With a complex flavor profile of juniper, sideritis, basil, saffron, sage, chamomile and mastiha, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Enjoy the perfect gin & tonic with three Greek olives for a touch of Mediterranean magic.

Nutritional Components

20 herbs of Greece: mountain tea from Olympus, royal dittany from Crete, juniper from the mountains of Macedonia, Kozos saffron, Chios mastic, citrus and chamomile from the Peloponnese, oregano from Mani and sage Amorgos

Useful Information

Votanikon is 100% distilled, dry, Greek gin, in a bottle of elegant design, with an embossed indication of the botanicals used for its production. Ideal for Gin & Tonic and an excellent base for creating delicious cocktails.

Vol: 40%

Quantity: 700ml

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