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Voutimata cookies with jam - 500g

Voutimata cookies with jam - 500g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Voutimata cookies with jam are one of the most iconic voutimata that are famous and loved all over Greece! It's all about an crunchy but at the same time soft cookie filled with delicious apricot jam that creates a fresh and sweet finish. It is ideal to dip it in your Greek coffee, hence the name ‘Voutimata' (that means something to dip). It is a unique type of treat that will impress you with the amazing taste and aromas, especially when combined with the authentic Greek coffee. For those who have a sweet tooth, give them a try and you will be impressed for sure!

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Useful Information

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oils, apricot jam, sugar, starch, eggs, butter, milk powder, baking powder, vanilla.

Allergens: gluten, egg, milk.

Quantity: 500g

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