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White sweet Doux Samos - 750ml

White sweet Doux Samos - 750ml


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The White sweet Doux Samos is a 750ml bottle of the iconic sweet wine from the Greek island of Samos. Protected by the Geographical Indication (PGI), this award-winning wine is known for its soft, sweet flavor and is beloved by wine connoisseurs.

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Ingredients: white Moscato 100%
Combinations: With harmony it accompanies cream desserts, puff pastry and in general pastry delicacies.
The Estate: The cooperative of Samos was born in 1934, since then the white muscat has been cultivated which gives fame and glory to the farmers of this small island of the Aegean, the vineyards are positioned in terraces which gives a unique view of the vineyards of Samos.
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