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Whole Kalamata olives - 250g

Whole Kalamata olives - 250g


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Product Description

Kalamata Lucius whole black olives come from the Lucius estates in southern Peloponnese. These are whole black olives with fleshy pulp, typical of the Greek Kalamon olive variety.

Nutritional Components

100% Kalamata olives, Water, Salt

Useful Information

Food pairing: Kalamata Greek olives are the queens of the table, ideal olives for preparing the famous Greek salad that is exceptional in any salad. Kalamata olives are also great for cooking recipes from the Mediterranean culinary tradition. Tip: Of course, try to enjoy the true taste of black Kalamata olives.

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Whole Kalamata olives - 250g
€4,69 EUR

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