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Evoo from Thebes (LIMITED EDITION) - 500ml

Evoo from Thebes (LIMITED EDITION) - 500ml


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Product Description

Selected from the finest olives from the sacred Theban soil, Cadmea Olive Oil is a sublime elixir with rich flavors and exquisite aroma. Inspired by the rich history of Thebes, the LIMITED EDITION bottle features the Cadmea logo, a depiction of the Boeotian shield, a symbol of the Theban hegemony. Embrace the legacy and taste authenticity! 

Nutritional Components

Qualitative Values

  • Acidity: <0.8%
    Polyphenols: >250 mg/kg
    Peroxides: <12 mEq O2/kg

Nutritional Declaration

  • (Per 100ml)Energy: 3389 kj / 824 Kcal - Fat: 91g - Of which saturates: 13g - Mono-unsaturates: 72g - Poly-unsaturates: 6g - Total carbohydrate: 0g - Of which sugars: 0g - Protein: 0g - Salt: 0g


  • 500ml

Useful Information

In 2021, the Basiakos family decided to revive their 10-acre olive tree field. After months of strenuous work, the olive trees were successfully brought back to their former glory. Daily extraction of the olive oil took place to ensure the highest quality. The state-of-the-art machinery utilized the cold extraction method to maintain the high quality of the EVOO, keeping its strong aroma and flavor.

  • viotia_sterea_elladaCentral Greece
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