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Feta PDO cheese in tin - 3.5kg

Feta PDO cheese in tin - 3.5kg


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Product Description

Feta PDO Cheese in Tin is the ideal choice for professional use. This PDO product from Greece is conveniently pre-sliced into 200g pieces and packed in brine for extended food safety and shelf-life. Enjoy the authentic flavor of feta PDO cheese with every use with the estimated weight of 3.5kg.

Nutritional Components


  • Feta cheese made of 100% pasteurized sheep's and goat's milk of the Epirus area, specifically around Arta and Ioannina.

Nutritional Declaration

  • (per 100g) Energy 1124kJ/271kcal - Fat 21.2g - from which saturated 15.0g -Carbohydrates 2.4g - from which sugars 0.1g - Proteins 17.5g - Salt 2.1g


  • Approx. 9.000g

Useful Information

To create this traditional feta, goat's milk is mixed with sheep's milk of animals freely grazing on pastures in the specific appellation of Epirus. The salty and tangy taste enhanced by the brine solution and upon maturation of a few months, the feta is sold in blocks submerged in the brine. If required, it can be washed under water to remove the extra saltiness and even melted on a traditional Greek salad.

Since the feta is already pre-sliced and in brine, it is perfect for a longer professional use, retail and other types of foodservice. Once the feta is entirely consumed, the brine can be used on a roast chicken to enhance its flavor. An overnight soak in brine seasons the chicken, locking in moisture for a more tender flesh.

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  • 13_b52404ef-3e18-44b7-ae5c-19fd4b37e06dEpirus
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Feta PDO cheese in tin - 3.5kg
Feta PDO cheese in tin - 3.5kg
€89,95 EUR

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