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Mamos beer - 330ml

Mamos beer - 330ml

Athenian Brewery

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Mamos beer is the most historic Greek beer. It dates back to 1876, when a certified brewer created the recipe for an exquisite beer and then the production in the city of Patras. It’s a pilsner beer, characterized by its' full-bodied taste and the intense aroma of hop, one of its' main ingredients. To this day, the original recipe is followed to produce this beer, giving it an extra special taste compared with no other. It's ideal to enjoy accompanied by some ‘mezedes’ and good company! 

Nutritional Components

Water, barley malt, hops, yeast.

Useful Information

History: Athenian Brewery SA was founded in 1963 by a group of Greek business people and is a member of HEINEKEN N.V. In 2013 the Athenian Brewery completed its 50 years of activity in Greece. Together with employees, customers and partners, they celebrated a successful course that was started by pioneering Greek business people and all these years has been based on the dedication of their employees, responsibility, innovation, passion for quality, reliable partnerships and of course the love for hundreds of thousands of consumers choose our products every day. They have been here for over 50 years and are producing value for Greece.

Taste and appearance: Beer with a special hop aroma, rich foam and full-bodied taste.

Quantity: 330ml

Vol: 5%

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Mamos beer - 330ml
Mamos beer - 330ml
€3,89 EUR

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