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Sweet Red Nama Roussos - 24 bottles x 375ml - Bundle

Sweet Red Nama Roussos - 24 bottles x 375ml - Bundle


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Product Description

This sacramental wine is exclusively produced for religious purposes, created for the Orthodox Church in celebration of the Eucharist. With this amazing bundle of 24 bottles of 375ml pieces, it is the ideal choice for long term use in churches and other facilities.

Nama wine by Roussos is produced from sun-dried grapes from the island of Santorini, combining traditional and modern methods of wine-making. Its aromas are fruity and rich, with a sweet, syrupy taste. It is medium-bodied with slightly sharp tannins and a long, pleasant aftertaste.

Nutritional Components

Colour: Dark red

Taste: Sweet

Grape Variety: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani, Mandilaria and Mavrathiro 

Wine region: Santorini

Alcohol percentage: 10%

Aging potential: Yes

Quantity: 750ml

Useful Information

Canava Roussos, was founded in 1836 and has been producing high-quality wines that express the characters of the numerous varieties of Santorini grapes.

Nâma means running water, like fountains, streams and rivers. It is also a metaphor for anything that invigorates or inspires, therefore the wine is used to elevate people's wisdom and hope, as it represents the blood of Christ during Holy Communion in the Greek Orthodox Church.

  • Santorini
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