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White Retsina Malama - 500ml - Malamatina

White Retsina Malama - 500ml - Malamatina


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Product Description

By launching a refined and modern version of the historic wine, with the name Retsina Malama, Malamatina Winery proves once again why it has remained a pioneer in retsina production for over 129 years. The new distinctive appearance of this premium, conical bottle along with its soft lemony color and refined aromas, will travel you to the most elegant and sunny locations of Greece.

A retsina famous for its fine aftertaste and a long duration, it satisfies modern taste requirements and is beloved by old and young wine drinkers alike!

Nutritional Components

Sweetness: Dry

Color: White

Quantity: 500ml

Vol: 12%

Contains sulfites

Useful Information

Malama retsina is produced from selected Greek grapes of the Roditis vineyards, creating the lemony color, distinct aromas and herbal flavors. The notes of eucalyptus, mint and light pine resin are easily perceived with the first sniff.

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