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Greek traditional cuisine

Greek recipes are milestones of one of the best Mediterranean diets with centuries-old tradition. It is based on the use of raw materials such as extra virgin olive oil, olives and vegetables, all widely available in the Greek territory. The meat, among all kinds especially the lamb, and the fish are widely used in all traditional Greek recipes.

Greek cuisine consists of Greek recipes strongly linked to tradition

Moussaka is certainly one of the reference recipes of Greek cuisine heritage, a typical dish that represents the completeness of the Greek Mediterranean diet. The presence of fresh seasonal vegetables, such as aubergines and courgettes, of minced beef and of graviera cheese, makes it simply exquisite, energetic and complete.

The souvlaki, Greek street food of excellence, owes its success to the extreme simplicity in making it and its unparalleled flavour. A few simple ingredients come together in an exceptional Greek dish: meat, pork or chicken, pita and a bit of tasty tzatziki sauce to garnish everything.

Greek recipe of tzatziki is extremely simple to make and exquisitely unique. It is enough to have Greek yogurt (the whole one and creamy!), garlic and cucumbers ... and that's it!

Until you get to dishes a bit 'more elaborate and for this even more tasty, such as the renowned papoutsakia (eggplants from Naxos baked with an abundant quantity of meat and cheese) or the legendary dolmades (the exquisite rolls of vine leaves stuffed with rice).

All Greek recipes have a traditional origin, linked to the land and to the people who live there.


Greek recipes: the best dishes

Greek rcipes and cuisine mean the ideal lunch or dinner to enjoy at home with friends, exactly as you do in Greece. Taste, aromas and flavours that blend perfectly with the right amount of alcohol ... wine, beer and ouzo first and foremost.

Preparing the best Greek recipes at home is not difficult, it requires the right ingredients, a nice dose of love for cooking and a spoonful of creativity. Real Greek cuisine at your place!

Find out what the necessary ingredients are and how to make the best Greek cuisine!