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Tirokafteri - 250g

Tirokafteri - 250g

Greek Flavours

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Product Description

Tirokafteri sauce is one of the most typical Greek sauces! Its base is Greek Feta cheese, mixed with yogurt and spicy pepper. Its taste is spicy enough so it can be enjoyed even by people who do not prefer spicy foods, because the Feta and the yogurt balance the spicy pepper. In every Greek taverna, you will find on each table at least one serving of Tirokafteri. It is deeply prefered by all the Greeks, as it can be combined perfectly with every type of meat, vegetable or even be served as a meze to accompany your ouzo or tsipouro.

Nutritional Components

Ingredients: 60% Cheeses (mizithra, feta), water, 3,3% green spicy peppers, egg yolk, salt, mustard, sugar

Quantity: 250g

Nutritional Value (per 100g): Energy 895kJ/213kcal - Fat 15g - from which saturated 3g -Carbohydrates 11g - from which sugars 0g - Proteins 9.5g - Salt 3.4g

Useful Information

This spicy cheese dip is also known as "kopanisti" and its ingredients and preparation varies according to region and taverna. The most common ingredients are feta cheese, hot peppers, roasted peppers, garlic, yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice and oregano. It's the perfect spread for pita bread.

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