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Galaktoboureko custard pie - about 800g

Greek Flavours


Galaktoboureko Custard Filled Cake is one of the most exquisite traditional sweets in Greece. It is made with a base of crunchy phyllo dough, filled with a semolina cream and soaked in syrup. Its' flavour is familiar to every single Greek person and it always reminds them of the pastries their grandmothers used to bake. It is one of the most typical Greek desserts and if you haven't tried it yet, you definitely should!

Galaktoboureko is a dessert that should be eaten fresh and reaches its maximum level when freshly baked. We send you the galaktoboureko with an ad hoc air shipment, in order to enjoy this delicious traditional dessert at its best.

Quantity: around 800g

Storage and consumption: Galaktoboureko is a fresh product just out of the oven. It is recommended to consume it within a few days of receiving it to fully enjoy its taste and crunchiness. We recommend keeping it in the refrigerator.
Serving Suggestions: galaktoboureko is a dessert that should be served fresh from the fridge without needing to be heated.

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