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Graviera from Crete - around 300g

Greek Flavours


Graviera from the island of Crete is a very famous and loved product from all Greeks! It is also a symbol of the traditional Cretan diet that is worldwide known for its' healthy effects. This Graviera is a hard cheese made traditionally by sheep and goat milk and after the production it ages for at least 3 months. Its' flavour is mildly sweet and salty, making it a very well balanced cheese. The aftertastes are rich and very pleasant and the aromas intense and enchanting. You can serve it as a table cheese, to accompany your meal or you can make Saganaki with it. Give it a try and it will impress you!

Sheep and goat milk, salt, cultivation, rennet. Minimum dry fat 40%, maximum humidity 38%.

Quantity : around 300g

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