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Greek Organic Honey and Ginger - 280g - Symbeeosis



Enjoy the invigorating benefits of Greek Organic Honey and Ginger from Symbeeosis. This special blend combines pine honey with dry organic ginger for an antioxidant-rich, tonic boost. With a high pollen count and low glucose content, this honey is packed with proteins, amino acids, and trace elements. Start your day off right with a natural energy increase and improved digestive function.

Content: organic honey, organic dry ginger extract
Aroma and flavour: warm and peppery aroma, with a sweet and spicy flavor
Benefit: stimulating at the beginning of the day; as a sweet dessert after meals 
Quantity: 280g
Tip: 1 tablespoon of Symbeeosis Greek Organic Honey Product and Ginger a day is enough for improved digestive function

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