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Greek traditional grinded coffee - 490g



The traditional greek coffee in the maxi convenience package. Try the aromas and the sincere taste of the Greek coffee Loumidis, the parrot coffee.

Greek ground coffee 100%


Preparing a good traditional Greek coffee is very simple, just a few steps are required:

  1. Pour water into a pot using the coffee cups to measure the right quantity
  2. Before the water starts boiling add one teaspoon of coffee for each cup (if you prefer to have a stronger coffee add an additional teaspoon). Do not stir it yet
  3. Depending on your personal taste add one or more teaspoons of sugar
  4. When the water is warm enough start stirring, bring water to the boiling point and then turn off the fire
  5. Pour the hot mix into the cups and let the coffee settle down on the bottom of them

Now you can enjoy your traditional Greek coffee. The wisest ones can also learn to "read" the coffee grounds as most of the grandmothers in Greece do!

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