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Mastiha Tears Classic - 700ml

EVA Distillery


This is the classic version of the mastiha liqueur, one of the most traditional and unmistakable flavours of the greek territory. Mastica Tears produces this line of products with a design that recalls ancient Greece using mastiha from the island of Chios, exactly as ancient Greeks did.The Classic Mastiha Liqueur has a flavour that almost all those who have been in Greece have tried as a digestif after a meal or as a cocktail ingredient. Together with ouzo is one of the most typical but also most difficult products to find outside of Greece.

Mastiha, Alcohol

The resin of mastiha or mastic is an exclusive product of the island of Chios, located in the northeastern Aegean Sea. Countless attempts have been made to replicate the production elsewhere but all have failed.

The magic of the incisions made on the bark of the tree trunk and the resin drops coming out of it are in fact an exclusive of this Greek island. By working these extremely aromatic resin crystals, you get unique and natural essences. Chewing gums and sweets are just some of the possible uses, the mastiha liqueur is certainly the most representative and well-known product.

Mastic Tears produces this classic liqueur according to the traditional recipe in a fully certified facility situated on the island of Chios.

Quantity: 700ml

Vol: 24%

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