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Mastiha Tears Lemon - 700ml

EVA Distillery


The classic taste of mastiha fits perfectly with the fresh and crispy taste of the lemon, creating a pleasant and refreshing drink, good to be enjoyed on its own but also as an ingredient for exclusive cocktails.

Mastiha, Alcohol, Lemon

This is a typical product of the greek territory, the essence of mastiha or mastic derives from a natural resin that is produced exclusively on the island of Chios. Thanks to a simple incision that is practiced on the bark of the tree trunk, the resin comes out, crystallizes and then becomes the main ingredient of a number of products including the mastiha liqueur. Herodotus mentions mastic in 420 BC; the mastic tree and thus its cultivation are in fact from the nutritional point of view one of the oldest traditions in all Greece.

All attempts to try to broaden the production to other geographical areas have not been successful. The mastic tree finds in fact its ideal conditions only on the island of Chios and therefore has an indissoluble bond with the island.

Mastic Tears is one of the local productive realities of reference and over the years has expanded and enriched its product line. The mastiha lemon liqueur is a unique and extremely tasty solution, presented in an elegant package that recalls ancient Greece.

Quantity: 700ml

Vol: 24%

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