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Moustokouloura cookies (no sugar) - 500g

Greek Flavours


The most typical "koulouraki" of Greece! Moustokouloura are made by grape must mixed with Greek olive oil, sugar, cinnamon, clove and cognac. All these ingredients create an explosion of taste in the mouth, but in a very healthy and light way. You can treat your guests with them and of course accompany your Greek coffee with them. Their aromas will definitely remind you the beautiful small villages of Greece, where they always serve their Greek coffee with a couple of Moustokouloura on the side!

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oils, cottonseed oil, emulsifiers, lecithin, flavorings: vanillin, cloves, cinnamon, wheat starch, steviol, maltitol, ammonia, must.

Allergens: gluten, lactose, egg, sesame, nuts.

Quantity: 500g

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