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Organic Herbal Elixir Relax - 45g - Symbeeosis



Symbeeosis Organic Herbal Elixir Relax is a food supplement designed to help reduce stress and promote restful sleep. It contains 100% natural ingredients, including a passionflower extract which has a 2:1 ratio of flavonoids. This extract reduces tension and facilitates deep, healthy sleep. Ideal for nights when a good rest is required, or when anxiety arises during the day.

Organic Herbal Elixir Relax from Symbeeosis is a powerful blend of adaptogenic and nootropic herbs like Chamomile and Goji Berry, designed to help you fight stress and overexertion without preservatives, synthetics, sugar, or sweeteners. A 45g pack is intended for 15 days of treatment, or 30 days for maximum effectiveness. Feel more relaxed and get healthier sleep naturally.

Contents: 15 sachets x 3g (45g) with Lemon Balm leaves, Passionflower, Chamomile flowers, California Poppy, Orange essential oil, Goji berry fruit, Acacia fibers, Rice husk.
Aroma and flavor: Mild taste with a mild orange aroma
Preparation Instructions: (adults and children> 12 years old): add a sachet of 3g daily in 200 ml of water, tea, juice or yogurt and smoothies. You can also create a completely naturally enhanced and healthy meal by adding it to yogurt, creating your delicious super bowl.   
Ideal: For the night, as it offers a healthy and restful sleep, and for any time of the day you have anxiety, as it helps to deal with stress and overexertion.

Passionflower Extract 2: 1 (5% flavonoids): helps to relieve tension and transition to a healthy and restful sleep. It is recommended for people who feel weak and tired as it promotes relaxation.
Chamomile Extract 4:1: supports optimal relaxation and healthy sleep.
Dry Lemon Balm extracts 4:1: supports good cognitive function and mental well-being, while helping maintain a positive mood.
Californian Poppy Dry Extract 4:1: helps to cope calmly with the stress of a busy lifestyle and promotes a better sleep without awakenings, improving the quality of natural sleep.
Goji Berry: Adaptogenic plant that helps better adapt to and cope with stress.

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