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Organic saffron in pistils - 1g

Krokos Kozanis


  • Only the first-class pistils, the ones with the red fire colour, end up inside the packaging of saffron produced by the Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative. 
  • The connoisseurs of cuisine and numerous chefs recognize in this product a unique character and great versatility for the realization of numerous recipes.
  • The organic saffron is a globally recognized natural culinary excellence
  • The saffron production is limited and controlled, the product was named PDO due to its close link with the geographical area of origin.

Pistils of Organic Saffron

  • The Kozani Saffron Producers Cooperative cultivates and produces the certified organic saffron exclusively in the area of Macedonia, in northern Greece. Consisting of over 1,000 members, the cooperative has increased over the years its production by constantly improving the quality of its production process and its final product.
  • Everything is handled by hand, to avoid damaging the delicate pistils, the colour and taste of saffron flower. Only the phase of the pistil separation is effected by means of a centrifuge.
  • The Kozani saffron has been qualified as a PDO and the first class pistils are carefully chosen according to a strict manual selection.

Quantity : 1g

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