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Saragli (rolled baklava) - 250g

Greek Flavours


One of the most popular "siropiasta" sweets with its origins lost in time in the Greek communities of Asia Minor, saragli is enjoyed throughout Greece.  Rolled in crunchy phyllo dough and soaked in syrup from the moment it is baked, then sprinkled with almonds this is the most well-known version of Baklavas. Its original version has not changed much throughout time though its variations from city to city are a delight to taste, with the city of Xanthi holding the popularity reigns for its version! Feast upon the balanced sweet taste of saragli with a full portion!

Quantity: 250g (Inside the 250g package there are 8 pieces of Saragli)
Ingredients: crust sheet, syrup, water, preservatives, milk butter, vanilla flavoring, milk powder, powdered sugar, flour, egg, baking powder.

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