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Sardines in olive oil - 6x100g



Sardines are maybe the most loved fish in Greece. They are part of the menus of every fish ‘taverna’ and people choose them over and over again. These particular Sardines are fished in the North Aegean sea, they are lightly steamed and then canned with pure olive oil. The olive oil enhances the taste of the Sardines, giving an impressive appetizer ready to serve! 


The 6 pack offer gives you the opportunity to have always an appetizer ready to serve in your kitchen!

70% Aegean sardines, olive oil, salt

For TRATA sardines, only freshly caught fish are selected, which after being carefully cleaned, checked and placed in cans, steamed lightly together with red hot peppers to keep the flesh and all their nutrients tender and fluffy. Extremely soft vegetable oil is added to the finish, giving the whole a special and slightly spicy taste.

TRATA sardine belongs to the species Sardina Pilchardus, which is the only species that has the right to be classified as "sardine" and not "sardine type". Sardines are caught mainly in the waters of the North Aegean. The conditions and biodiversity of its natural living and eating environment justify its quality superiority, which consists in its light-colored, fluffy and delicious flesh without scales.

Quantity : 6x100g

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