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Smoked Graviera Kapnisti from Ios - approx 200g

Tirokomio Niotiko


A cheese from the island of Ios, which is a great classic of Greek dairy production. The smoked Graviera is produced with 100% natural procedures from goat and sheep milk. It has an intense smoky but at the same time sweet taste and a soft texture.
The result is an exquisite yellow cheese that perfectly combines its smooth taste with a delicate smoky aroma. It is an excellent tasting cheese that goes very well with full-bodied white wines. You can serve as an appetizer to accompany meat, vegetables or even in a platter of ‘mezedes’ for your ouzo and tsipouro. Tip: Its smoky taste is a perfect combination with fruits and honey, so you can include it in your fruit salad, to make it a healthy but delicious dessert!

Quantity : around 200g
Ingredients: 80% cow milk, 20% sheep, rennet, salt, culture blend

Nutritional Value (per 100g): Energy 1679kJ/405kcal - Fat 33g - from which saturated 23g -Carbohydrates 3.9g - from which sugars 0.5g - Proteins 22g - Salt 1.6g.

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