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Stakovoutiro (staka) from Crete - 300g



Stakovoutiro (or staka) is an emblematic Cretan product that it cannot be found elsewhere in the world! It is made by boiling sheep and goat milk, taking then the crust that gets created and boiling it with salt and flour. The result is an amazing butter (hence the name, voutiro means butter) that can be used as a normal butter would be used. You can spread it on top of your bread or use it for frying. However, it is also the basic ingredient for the famous Cretan Gamopilafo (that means wedding risotto), a traditional plate with meat and rice that is served in every corner of Crete, but nowhere else. Take advantage of the opportunity to try this unique product and it will make you wander with your mind to the beautiful tavernas of Crete for sure!

Sheep and Goat milk, wheat flour, salt

Quantity : 300g

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