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Traditional Fresh Baklava - 1100g

Greek Flavours


The Greek Baklava is made fresh and shipped a few hours later from a Greek bakery at your place!

  • This traditional crispy sweet is made of layers of filo (phyllo) soaked in honey and filled with chopped pistachio nuts.
  • It's ideal for those who like the home-style recipes that grandma used to make.
  • The 1.1kg size makes it a great dessert that suits perfectly social gatherings and you will surely want to have it on Holidays too!

phyllo dough, butter, honey, lemon, chopped pistachio nuts, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla

Another awesome thing about this baklava is that it can keep for two weeks not refrigerated, in room temperature. When covered well it keeps its softness.

Once you taste the freshness of our baklava you won't settle for anything less!

Quantity: 1100g

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