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Traditional yogurt - 3x240g

Greek Flavours


The Greek Yogurt in its most traditional form! This Yogurt is made from fresh goat milk, which is collected daily from local farmers. It is made following the traditional way of fermenting and of course there is no additives or preservatives in it. It has a thick layer on top that is called ‘Petsa’(=skin) and the taste of this yogurt will impress you! It contains around 4% fat, which makes it rich and tasty. It is a must-have product in your diet because it has many benefits for the health. Try it the Greek way, with some honey and chopped walnuts and it can be your next favourite breakfast or sweet snack! Also, after eating it, you can keep the ceramic container and use it as a bowl! Take advantage of the special offer of 3pcs x 240g each. 

Quantity : 3x240g
Ingredients: Fresh goat's milk 70%, traditional yogurt yeast, goat's milk protein.
Nutritional values: Energy: 280 kJ / 67 kcal - Fat: 3,7g - Saturated fat: 2,8g - Carbohydrates: 4,8g - Sugar: 4,8g - Protein: 3,6g - Salt: 0,1g

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