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White Retsina - 0.50l



The retsina is the table wine of the Greek tradition, an aromatic wine with low alcohol content that goes well with most of the dishes of the Greek cuisine.

The Malamatina white wine retsina has an alcohol content of 11% in volume, less than the other classic wines. Its special aroma recalls the pine, whose resin is present as an essental ingredient in the drink. In summer when served ice-cold is a great and refreshing aperitif ... one of the favourites of the Greeks!

White wine, Pine resin

Story: It is said that the retsina was born almost by chance, since the Greeks used pine resin to seal the wooden barrels full of wine to defend the product from the oxidants. When, however, the production processes were modernized, the producers decided to keep the resin as a wine ingredient.

Today retsina is a specific type of wine widely known throughout the country and among the Greek lovers around the world.

Malamatina is the family that has contributed more than others to carry on this tradition. Today over 50 million bottles of retsina are produced in the certified family factories, intended both for the greek territory and for more than 30 countries worldwide.

Quantity: 500ml

Vol: 11%

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