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Greek Yogurt: a world famous Greek product

  • Anyone who has been to Greece for a holiday or for a business trip has certainly had the opportunity to taste the real traditional yogurt, creamy and flavorful as only in the country of its origin can be found. It is considered to be one of the original Greek products and is famous and popular all over the world. Classic Greek-style yogurt is has a smooth texture and taste. You can find a wide variety of flavored yogurts.

  • A popular dairy product that combines health and well-being!

    Traditional yogurt is known by its typical creamy composition, which is due to its special processing and the high quality milk used for its production. Traditional yogurt is the fat greek yogurt which is protein rich.

    There are more and more greek yogurt brands offering different versions of fat free yogurt. This allows people who want to make their diet low in fat, maintain the traditional taste of plain yogurt. A yogurt with saturated fat with no added sugar is perfect for successful weight loss. You can also use yogurt instead of sour cream in recipes as yogurt has less sugar.

    For those with lactose intolerance, there are more and more solutions on the market for all needs. The goal is always one: to ensure that Greek yogurt can be consumed by everyone.

    In fact, Greek yogurt is known around the world in many variations. A first distinction between the different types is the animal from which the milk yogurt is made.

    • Cow milk
    • Sheep's milk (contains more fat than cow's milk)
    •  Goat and sheep (a mixture of goat and sheep milk)
    •  Goat milk
    A popular dairy product that combines health and well-being!

    A second way to distinguish yogurts is preparation. The product can undergo further processing, which leads to differentiation in texture, taste, fluidity, etc. The main types of yogurt products on the Greek market are as follows:

    • Regular yogurt
    •  Drained or strained yogurt (it is the one with the thickest and most creamy consistency)
    •  With the top skin layer

    Among these, a special mention must necessarily be made for the second group, for strained yogurt. The word "straggisto" (στραγγιστό γιαούρτι) in Greek literally means "drained" and takes its name from the particular production process.

     In fact, the yogurt is literally dripped until its whey is largely removed. The result is a thick and soft cream, a true icon of Greek yogurt all over the world. Tzatziki sauce with strained yogurt has a completely different taste.

     All types of yogurt can be further classified based on their fat content into:

    •  whole greek yogurt (6% -10% fat)
    •  medium fat level (3% -5% fat)
    •  low fat content (1% -3% fat)
    •  Lean (0% fat and almost)

     All the variations have different flavors, all are equally delicious and natural ... and most of all extremely healthy. One of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet is a protein calcium and nutritious breakfast, starting with an exquisite Greek yogurt is the best way to start the day.

  • Greek yogurt for breakfast

    Greek yogurt for breakfast

    The best way to start a day full of energy is with a meal of high protein content.

     In Greece, it is very common for taverns and restaurants to offer yogurt with a side dish on it as a dessert. Homemade Greek yogurt is therefore the protagonist in numerous recipes of the Greek culinary tradition.

    Especially for breakfast, Greek yogurt is served as a main ingredient. Each hotel or resort offers, among other Greek delicacies, a bowl of yogurt with honey and nuts for breakfast, an unforgettable dining experience for yogurt lovers.

     The best way to start each day with a lot of energy is to refine breakfast with Greek yogurt, preferably squeezed (compared to the classic one it is much creamier): Greek yogurt has a great balanced nutritional value, so it ensures the body the appropriate needs of calories.

     The Greeks are not really known for their great breakfast habit. This is because breakfast is usually one of the most commonly skipped meals, even though it contains products that are great for a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Yogurt is obviously the first of these. All types of Greek yogurt are ideally suited to be enjoyed with fresh and sweet seasonal fruit on the bottom and on top with nuts and honey.

  • Potential Health Benefits

    Potential Health Benefits

    Yogurt can protect from osteoporosis, relieve bowel disease and helps in digestion. It is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with a yogurt culture thus enhances healthy gut bacteria. Look for special live culture or live active culture of yogurt seals.

    For sure calcium and protein in yogurt are good for your health, but a lot of research on the health benefits of yogurt focus on the live bacterial content. They prevent diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes, gastrointestinal illnesses such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

    The regular consumption of Greek yogurt supports a healthy digestive system as the range of different types of bacteria is increased.

    Probiotics promote the growth of "good" bacteria through fermented foods like yogurt and over-the-counter supplements. And when good bacteria or live cultures are present in your diet then all your digestive tract becomes stronger.

    Greek yogurt is a good choice for bone health maintenance as it contains a number of nutrients including protein, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. These nutrients are very important for a healthy bone structure.

    Did you know that eating Greek yogurt can help increase bone formation? A recent research found that if you eat Greek yogurt on a daily basis the bone breakdown is decreased. Also, consuming yogurt is related to greater bone mineral density and a lower risk of osteoporosis and osteopenia for the older adults.

  • Greek breakfast: yogurt, honey and nuts

    Greek breakfast: yogurt, honey and nuts

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