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Traditional yogurt light 2% - 3x240g

Greek Flavours


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Thanks to Greek Flavours, you can receive straight from Greece the best of the Greek yogurt selection directly to your place. Order now and receive your favourite products in 24/48 hours, the Greek yogurt at your home in just one click with isothermal delivery to guarantee a 100% fresh product.

Anyone who has been in Greece for a holiday or a business trip has certainly had the opportunity to taste the real yogurt, creamy and tasty as only in the country of its origin can be found.

The Greek yogurt is in fact known throughout the world in its many variations: Greek goat's milk yogurt or made with sheep's milk or cow's milk. All with different flavours and tastes, all equally delicious and natural ... and above all extremely healthy. The traditional yogurt is high in protein and is a natural one, produced without the addition of artificial sweeteners.


The traditional plain yogurt is characterized by its typical creamy consistency, obtained thanks both to the particular processing method and the high quality milk that is used for its production. The traditional one is therefore a yoghurt with higher fat content.

But there are more and more producers that offer versions of low-fat Greek yogurt, thought for all those who wish to keep their diet under control, while maintaining the traditional taste and flavour. Greek 0 fat free yogurt is an extremely tasty and pure wellness product.

0-fat is an extremely tasty and pure well-being product. As well as with the growth of lactose intolerant, proposals are being born that are a little distant compared to traditional yogurt but that are free of milk and live lactic ferments. Of course this is not the regular yogurt according to the tradition, but it is a very good option for all those that are looking for a light fit.

But in addition to having a strong health value (yogurt is in fact the protagonist of the diet for group b), the consumption of Greek yogurt is also a matter of taste and flavor ... today it is possible to find excellent alternatives to Greek yogurt on the market in Italy too. or "Greek style".

However, the real Greek yogurt found in Greece has nothing to do with what is usually found on the market. The difference is essentially the production technology: the Greeks in fact prefer brands of yogurt produced by small companies, often local, which produce Greek yogurt according to ancient recipes.

The classic yogurt found in Greece, in fact, is definitely creamier and tastier than what we are used to eating in the rest of the World.


In Greece it often happens that taverns and restaurants offer yoghurt as a tasty dessert with a topping of fruit spoon sweets. Greek yogurt is also the protagonist of numerous recipes at the base of the Greek culinary tradition.

But it is at breakfast that the Greek yogurt becomes the protagonist. In fact, each hotel or resort offers for breakfast, among other Greek delicacies, a bowl of Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts, an unforgettable culinary experience for yogurt lovers.

Starting the day with a breakfast consisting of Greek yogurt is the best way to start each new day with energy: Greek yogurt has high and balanced nutritional values.

The Greeks aren't exactly famous for their habit of having big breakfasts. Indeed, breakfast is usually one of the meals that often skip and this despite the fact that they have extremely suitable products for a healthy breakfast rich in nutrients. Yogurt is obviously the first of these.

Starting the day with such a composed breakfast is the best way to start full of energy: normal yogurt has high and balanced nutritional values, therefore guarantees a correct intake of calories to the body. Adding fresh fruit perfectly completes the famous breakfast of champions.

The sour cream of the traditional yogurt, always produced starting from live cultures, perfectly matches fresh and sweet seasonal fruit.

Greek Flavors ships traditional Greek yogurt all over the world direct from Athens. Shipments are made by express courier with delivery within 24/48 hours of departure. Isothermal shipments are made with a special protective wrapping and ice that allow you to have a controlled and constant temperature throughout the journey of the product, starting from the Greek Flavours warehouse up to your home.

In Greek Flavours you can find all the best yogurt brands Greeks are daily using. Try now the taste of real traditional Greek yogurt, the one that the Greeks eat!

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