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Organic Greek potatoes - 2kg



Organic Greek potatoes are one of the best products of the rich Greek land. The Naxos potato variety is the most famous, present in most typical Greek dishes. Just think of the abundant layers of potatoes present in the traditional moussaka.
Full of minerals and above all of taste, Greek potatoes are a complete and exceptional food.

Cooking method: boiled, stuffed, barbecued or souffled. Naxos potatoes have such a rich flavour that you'll love all versions. 


  • Boil the potatoes and add tomatoes, onions, cucumber and finish with extra virgin oil to get the famous Naxos salad.
  • Make the perfect moussaka

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WEIGHT: All produce is subject to normal weight fluctuation due to the laws of nature. Sometimes they grow bigger and sometimes smaller, especially since they are organic products. When preparing your orders we always try to respect the indicated weight, however there may be a difference from time to time usually in the order of + or - 10%.

Weight: 2kg

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