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Organic strained goat yogurt - 3x170g



This Veloudo organic yogurt, with 9% of fats, is made exclusively with 100% fresh Greek goat milk. From the moment of collection, the milk, within a few hours, is pasteurized in special systems so that it can preserve all its nutrients. When the yogurt thickens, it is placed in special bags, which are called "tsantila" and remains there for 24 hours, where it is drained in the traditional - natural way. "Veloudo" comes to you with a more velvety texture and a richer taste too! Now on a special offer of 3 packs of 170g each, so you don't miss out on any of the traditional organic flavours!

Quantity: 3x170g
Ingredients: Pasteurized Greek goat's milk (organic farming product), yogurt culture. 
Nutritional Values: Energy: 518 kJ / 125 kcal - Fat: 9,0g - Saturated: 7,0g - Carbohydrates: 3,8g - Sugars: 3,8g - Proteins: 7,1g - Salt: 0,1g

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