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Beer Nissos Tholi - 0.33l

Tinos Microbrewery


Nissos Tholi offers the unique experience of enjoying fresh beer directly from our cellar in Tinos Island, Cyclades.

Unpasteurized, unfiltered, and naturally hazy, Nissos Tholi comes full of aromas, taste, and nutritional value, retaining much of its yeast in the bottle.

Production: Nissos Tholi is bottled, after a long maturation at low temperatures. It is subject to minimum processing and naturally carbonated. Yeast cells still suspended in the cold matured beer follow NISSOS THOLI into the bottles, carrying along the full aromas created by generous amounts of aromatic hops.

Taste and colour: Naturally hazy, with golden-copper colour, pleasant bitterness, rich citrus aromas, full body, and long aftertaste.

Official style: Keller

Vol : 6.2%

Quantity : 330ml


As fresh as it gets! Nissos Tholi is the silver medal winner at the International Beer Challenge 2020.

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