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Traditional Kataifaki - approx. 800g

Greek Flavours


Wrapped in a crispy nest of kataifi pasta, this ball of thin pastry is filled with chopped walnuts, coated with melted butter, baked and then poured with syrup.

Almonds and pistachios rolled in syrup and drizzled with honey, then scooped into strips of buttered kataifi dough before being rolled up into tight little logs for baking, Kataifi is a beloved addition in a Greek table.

Combine it with a ball of “Kaimaki” or Cream flavour ice-cream on the top, or a warm and tasteful cup of Greek coffee.


Sweet, with a soft core surrounded by layers of fluffy, delicate pastry that melts in the mouth this saving packaging of kataifi will give you the opportunity to enjoy it over and over again!

Take advantage of the 800g savings pack.

Quantity: approx 800g

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