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Evoo Sparta Gold - 5L

Evoo Sparta Gold - 5L

Sparta Gold

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Product Description

Evoo Sparta Gold is a premium extra virgin olive oil from the Sparta valleys of Peloponnese, Greece. Its unique characteristics make it ideal for the Mediterranean cuisine, providing a golden, delicate and fruity flavor to any dish while introducing all the health benefits of olive oil. Its richness in polyphenols adds an incomparable flavor, offering an essential ingredient for a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for all HORECA professionals and business owners!

Nutritional Components

  • Koroneiki Variety
  • Low Acidity
  • Fruity Taste
  • Peppery Aftertaste
  • Cold Extraction
  • 5L in tin

The acidity, peroxides, organoleptic characteristics, like taste, color and freshness, are preserved for longer when the olive oil in preserved in tin cans. They are also easier and safer to transport, and can hold higher quantities to meet all demands.

Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. The oil may become cloudy below 7°C, but it returns to its clear state when at room temperature, without affecting its quality.

Useful Information

Sparta Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born in Sparta in 1987. For the past three decades, this unique product has been produced the traditional way, with hand picked olives under the cold extraction method that protects its nutritional properties, and shipped worldwide. It derives from the most fertile olive groves of South Peloponnese, where the altitude conditions and the soil diversity offer a fruity and peppery taste to this already rich olive oil. The company and its products have won many rewards, e.g. with Monde selection and NYIOOC 2019.

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