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Goat Kefalotyri from Ios - approx 200g

Goat Kefalotyri from Ios - approx 200g

Tirokomio Niotiko

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Product Description

Kefalotyri is believed to be the oldest of all Greek cheeses, but also the most loved one by all the Greeks. On the island of Ios, this kefalotyri is produced with only pure goat's milk: a slightly salty cheese with a strong flavor that goes best with a white wine and a little fruit. You can even put some Kefalotyri on top of your pasta to give them a delicious twist, or even use it to accompany your meal since it is a healthy and tasty source of calcium! This is an exceptional production since Kefalotyri is usually made from a mixture of goat and sheep's milk. So do not miss the opportunity to taste this cheese in purity, in this full portion of 200g!

Nutritional Components

Quantity: around 200g

Ingredients: 100% goat milk, rennet, salt, culture blend

Nutritional Value (per 100g): Energy 1679kJ/405kcal - Fat 33g - from which saturated 23g -Carbohydrates 3.9g - from which sugars 0.5g - Proteins 22g - Salt 1.8g.

Useful Information

Tip: Traditional Kefalotyri from Ios Island is made from pure goat's milk of high quality and nutritional value. It is considered the oldest cheese of all and it has an oily, slightly salty taste that pairs well with fruit and wine.

  • Ios
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