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LIMITED EDITION - Ouzo Plomari 3x700ml + 1 glass

LIMITED EDITION - Ouzo Plomari 3x700ml + 1 glass


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Product Description

This LIMITED EDITION Ouzo Plomari Set includes 3 bottles of the most sought-after ouzo in Greece along with an official Plomari glass, perfect for enjoying ouzo with friends. This ouzo is available in limited quantities only, making this a must-have for ouzo connoisseurs.

Nutritional Components

Variety Identity

  • Anise-flavored
  • over 15 seeds, herbs, fennel, asteroid anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, mastic extracts, crystal water, salt.
  • 100% Distillation
  • Vol: 40%


  • 3x700ml + x1 Ouzo Plomari Glass
  • Approx. total 5760g

Useful Information

Ouzo Plomari by Isidoros Arvanitis, with its characteristic flavor and distinctive aroma, contains soft water from the springs of river Sedountas, Lisvori anise to add milkiness to the ouzo and nutmeg for that slightly sweet aftertaste. It also contains natural Chios mastic gum extracts, cinnamon, fennel and herbs and salt from Lesbos.

The distillation process has remained the same since 1894, in small handmade copper stills. Ouzo of Plomari is double distilled, and each distillation lasts for nine hours. This slower process leads to a soft refined texture and premium quality. The traditional method of distillation in copper boilers combined with the excellent ingredients mentioned above, make this ouzo a one of a kind drinking experience.

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LIMITED EDITION - Ouzo Plomari 3x700ml + 1 glass
€62,70 EUR

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