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Finest Roots Kanela - 700ml

Finest Roots Kanela - 700ml

Finest Roots

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Product Description

Finest Roots Kanela is a 700ml liqueur born from a 15th century "tentura" recipe from the Ionian islands of Greece. Crafted with real cinnamon and clove buds, it is perfect for after dinner enjoyment. Its unique flavour profile and complex notes make it an ideal digestif that is both a relaxant and an umami experience. Enjoy it neat or add it to signature cocktails for a cinnamon drop experience.

Useful Information

TASTE: rich and luxuriant earthy flavor with a sweet peppermint and a sensation of French vanilla; the sense of a sweet cedar "cigar box" aftertaste.

AROMA: a little sweet and a spicy note; cinnamon scent

VOL: 24%


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Finest Roots Kanela - 700ml
Finest Roots Kanela - 700ml
€32,00 EUR

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