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Majuni Botanical Spirit - 700ml

Majuni Botanical Spirit - 700ml

Mantis Group

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Product Description

This elixir beautifully balances the elegance of an aperitivo with the dynamism of a digestivo. More than 15 herbs are used to create this unique bittersweet taste and vibrant amber color, including thyme, sage, wormwood, juniper, ginger, licorice and angelica root. It is thus not out of the blue that it won the GRAND GOLD AWARD 2024 at the Frankfurt International Wine and Spirit Competition and that it is highly sought after across the world.

Nutritional Components

Color: Amber

Taste: Bittersweet

Vol: 22%

Quantity: 700ml

Useful Information

Experience: The complex and powerful character of the majuni, is achieved after careful distillation, extraction and maturing. The marvelous bittersweet flavor is made using more than 15 different herbs, spices, roots and flowers found across Greece. The potent herbs give this unique spirit divergent yet balanced flavors with a long aftertaste.

While the spices dominate the nose, thyme and ginger are accompanied by botanical notes of sage and citrus fruits. Angelica root and licorice join in to harmoniously combine the final tastes of bitter and sweet.

Awards: World's Best Spirits Trophy 2024 - GRAND GOLD AWARD - Frankfurt International Trophy 2024

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