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Organic Evoo Nostimon PGI Lakonia - 1L

Organic Evoo Nostimon PGI Lakonia - 1L


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Product Description

Nostimon Hemar BIO is a very high quality evoo whose name is reported in Homer's Odyssey as perhaps the most perfect creation in literature.
“Nostimon Hemar” is a product of organic agriculture from selected olives from the areas around Sparta - Laconia. The production of early harvest and cold pressing provide a low acidity olive oil, with a high level of polyphenols. The mixture includes the presence of 3 varieties, among which Athinolia predominates. Thanks to this particular composition it has a unique flavor and taste with medium bitterness characteristics.

Nutritional Components

Blend of 3 variety of Greek olives

Useful Information

Quantity: 1L

  • 17Organic
  • 14Peloponnese
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