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Organic hyssop from Naxos - 30g

Organic hyssop from Naxos - 30g

Organic Islands

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Since ancient times the hyssop was used to treat infections of the respiratory tract.

  • Even nowadays it is used as an expectorant, relieving from cough and soothing the symptoms of rhinitis.
  • A medicinal as well as sacred plant mentioned in the Bible and used for religious purification rituals.

In 2014 the Organic Island Hyssop received, for its quality and purity, the prestigious Great Taste Award. The Organic Island Hyssop is cultivated in a 100% organic farm.

Nutritional Components

100% Organic Hyssop

Useful Information

The island of Naxos, in the heart of the Cyclades, has the ideal micro-climate for the cultivation of herbs. The land is rich in natural minerals, the climate is dry and ventilated with fresh air coming up from the Aegean Sea.

Thanks to these perfect weather conditions Organic Island guarantees a production of excellence. All aromatic herbs have in average a high concentration of essential oils that enhance the aromas and above all the beneficial properties of the plants.

Hyssop is cultivated according to the highest production standards, the farm in which it is produced is located in an isolated, and thus pure, area. The drying process is carried out in the open, under the hot and dry sun of the Cyclades. This is the secret of this unique product prizewinner of the 2014 Great Taste Award

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