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Premium Ouzo Vithos - 3x700ml

Premium Ouzo Vithos - 3x700ml

Lost Lake Distillery

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Product Description

Experience the highest quality of ouzo from Greece with Premium Ouzo Vithos. This traditional drink is perfect for enjoying with your favourite mezedes from a collection of 3 eye-catching, hand-designed bottles. Savor the rich flavor of this premium ouzo and discover all that Greece has to offer.

Nutritional Components

Variety Identity

  • Anise-flavored
  • Water springs from the slopes of Mount Helikon, anise from Evia, fennel, kakule, mastic gum and cardamom.
  • Ripe Body
  • 100% Distillation
  • Vol: 40%


  • 3x700ml
  • Approx. total 5.7kg

Useful Information

This ouzo by Lost Lake Distillery is released in an original series of six different labels, with each portraying a different sea-creature of the Mediterranean waters. According to the brand's official website, most of the raw materials that are used come from the Valley of the Muses, in Boeotia.

Anise, famous for its digestive properties, combined with the sweet-smelling herbs, creates a special ouzo with a soft taste. Premium Vithos is distilled in small batches and rests in the distillery for more than 6 months before releasing, so that every bottle gets to have the full flavor. It is best served at room temperature, with lots of ice!

  • viotia_sterea_elladaCentral Greece
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